If you’ve stumbled upon this colorful rabbit hole then I already know, we’re going to be friends.

Based in South Carolina, Nifty Thrifty is here to bring you all things Nifty and well, thrifted! 

As the landfills grow each season from the increase of the fast-fashion industry, it is more important than ever to do our part.

Outside of collecting gems from the trenches of the thrift stores; all of our tagging materials are biodegradable and twine, instead of plastic. Our shipping materials are reused boxes, biodegradable polymailers or provided USPS materials. We do not launder any of our clothing, however we promise do our best to mention any noticeable flaws.

You may find some items with cracked graphics, fading and normal wear since many of these items are over 20 years old.

We are proud to be an inclusive shop regardless of how you identify, your age or your size. We have a little something something for everyone, anywhere. Even yo Grandma in Reykjavik, Iceland…yeah that’s, a real place.

From apparel, to kids, to home decor; every item is personally picked to serve fire looks while giving a new life to old items.


Our saying has always been “Looking fly while helping the enivonrment. Now, that’s hella dope.” Which basically means, we promise to elevate your style one funky piece at a time while committing to a more sustainable life. 

We are committed to spreading awareness towards the tolls of the fashion industry-in all raw ways-while providing affordable, sustainable alternatives.


Its yours truly, Jane-I am all things Nifty! From saving each gem from the trenches of the thrift stores, to sending them off to their new life. You name it, I do it. What started out as a means to help ya girl survive the curse of covid, exploded into a full time gig bc babbyyy  *B.Simone Voice* IYKYK—we are striving! 

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